All are welcome.  If you are interested in becoming a member …..


Because scripture tells us that the Church is the Body of Christ, membership is an important and special gift and opportunity to grow and serve alongside others. The Church draws new people into itself as it seeks to remain faithful to its commission to proclaim and exemplify the gospel. Membership involves an answer of faith as well as a commitment to discipleship, to one another, and to the ministries of the church through one’s prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. If you are interested in officially joining Calvary Lutheran Church as a member, there are a few avenues you can take depending upon your church background.

  • For adults, if you are coming from a church background other than Lutheran, or have no previous church affiliation, we invite you to spend time with our Pastor and learn more about what Lutherans believe. You will receive a review of basic Christian teachings and the unique perspectives and emphases of the Lutheran Church. This “class” leads to Baptism and/or confirmed membership in our congregation.
  • For children, if they have not yet been baptized, we begin with administering Holy Baptism. We then encourage enrollment in our Christian Education ministry which includes Sunday School. Three academic years of Confirmation Instruction is offered to our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This class provides an overview of the Bible and instruction in basic Christian teachings utilizing Martin Luther’s “Small Catechism” leading to confirmed membership.
  • If you currently are a member in good standing of an NALC congregation, you may let our pastor know of your desire to join us and then request a transfer of your membership to Calvary from your previous church.
  • If you currently are a member in good standing of a Lutheran congregation that is not NALC, you should meet with our pastor to discuss the similarities and differences between the Lutheran church bodies. You may then request a release of your membership from your previous church and join Calvary by Profession of Faith.
All prospective members are asked to meet with our Pastor. At this time you will be given information about the mission, vision, and ministries of our congregation and how you can become involved.

What’s Next?

Calvary encourages you to get involved in the life of the church and offers several ways for you to grow together with your fellow Christians and also to share your talents and gifts.
  • Pray: One of the most important ways you can get involved is to make a commitment to pray regularly.
  • Worship: Regular attendance and participation in worship is important for you a growing Christian and also for the church as a whole. Worship is a powerful and important part of the life of any believer in Christ, as God’s true grace and forgiveness flow to the people attending, while their praise and thanksgiving is returned. In light of the Bible’s teaching that God’s grace is delivered to us through the Word and Sacraments, we value worship as more than just praise and thanksgiving.
  • Study: Being “in the Word” regularly and growing as a Disciple of Jesus Christ is not only beneficial but commanded by our Lord.  Besides our Sunday Christian Education classes for all ages, we offer various Bible studies and Small Group opportunities throughout the week, month and year. These classes and study groups provide not only opportunity to grow in God’s Word but also the chance to meet others and grow together in Christian friendship. Get connected to one or more Christian education classes or study groups by visiting our Get Involved page.
  • Serve: As Disciples who seek to follow in the way of Jesus Christ, we need to do as Jesus did to nourish and strengthen our relationship with God. At Calvary, members serve in many and various ways to provide ministries to one another. We hope each person will discover an area of service which brings them joy and strengthens their faith. There are many opportunities to become involved in Ministry Opportunities at Calvary Lutheran Church.   You can find more information on our Stewardship page.
  • Give: All that we have comes from God.