Foretaste of the Feast Podcast

Join Lynnae Douglas (Calvary’s pastoral intern), Kyle Jones (Calvary’s Director of Faith Formation), and Pastor Ken Nelson (Calvary’s Senior Pastor) as they discuss the lectionary texts for the upcoming Sunday.
Theme song “Engagement” by Jesse Schaefer

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About Foretaste of the Feast

One of our favorite parts of our normal weekly liturgy is when we get to our offertory. We often stand and sing “Let the Vineyards be Fruitful” as we present our offering. In singing this canticle together, we ask our Lord to make good on his promises, to “fill to the brim our cup of blessing,” “to grace our table with his presence” and “give us a foretaste of the feast to come.” 

Then when we gather before the table, this is exactly what he does. He nourishes our faith through simple elements, through mere bread and wine that become for us Christ’s body and blood. This very small, simple “feast” is a foretaste of the eternal feast which we will participate in, when those from every nation will gather around the eternal table of heaven and together feast on Christ as one people–forever and ever.

It is a real sorrow that right now we cannot enjoy the weekly feast, this sweet foretaste of the even greater, sweeter and everlasting feast that is to come. Even still, Jesus welcomes us to seek after him, to hear his words and receive him as our bread of life, our sustenance and comfort in this present moment.

In addition to our weekly services, Pastor Ken Nelson, Kyle Jones (Director of Faith Formation), and Lynnae Douglas (pastoral intern) desire to bring another form of this “foretaste of the feast” to you at home through this podcast. Though we might not be gathered around the altar, we will be gathered around the Scriptures, and feast on Christ together through his Word. We will have conversations about the upcoming lectionary readings that we hope will be both encouraging and enjoyable for you. This first episode will anticipate the readings for the Fourth Sunday in Easter. 

So grab a cup of coffee or a snack and join us as we seek to taste and see that the Lord’s goodness and steadfast love will fill us now, and it will endure forever.