June 4, 2015

You haven’t missed it! The deadline for getting your picture taken for in our new photo directory has not yet arrived – but it is looming on the horizon. We still need to capture the smiles of a number of our members. Mark and Lydia Trudell will be in the choir room on June 14 and June 28, from 10:15 to 10:45 am, in order to take your photograph. There is no need to sign up – and no fees – just head down to the choir room and smile.
We are very grateful to Lydia and Mark, and also Kim Steiner, who have committed tremendous amounts of time to providing us with a new directory! It has been 5 years since our last directory and so we really need an updated pictorial of our members. With the flexibility that Mark and Lydia are offering we are in a great position to include every one of our members in the new directory. Many thanks to everyone for making yourselves available for this important project! Thanks are also extended to Gene and the choirs for making the choir room available for the photo shoots!

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