June 11, 2015

Among the many initiatives of the North American Lutheran Church in the past couple of years has been the establishment of a seminary to prepare pastors for service in the Church. The North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS), located in Ambridge, Pennsylvania (where I served my first pastorate), is our denomination’s primary means of providing future pastors for our congregations. The mission and vision of the seminary are as follows:


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we are forming pastors and church leaders for the North American Lutheran Church who will faithfully preach, teach, and live God’s eternal truth, through Word and Sacrament, proclaiming Christ’s cross and resurrection, making disciples who will renew and grow the church in Christ’s name.

So far, our congregation has contributed $10,000.00 in support of the seminary, and our intention is to provide funding to them on an annual basis. We are able to provide this needed funding through your annual giving each December to our Mission of the Month emphasis and through the earnings of our Endowment fund. The earnings of our Endowment fund can be used annually in support of three areas: Christian witness, education (NALS and Calvary students preparing for church vocations), and one-time programmatic initiatives. No more than 1/3 of the earnings may be allocated to one particular area per year, and there is no requirement to allocate monies to all three of the areas each year. During the last few years, the Endowment earnings have provided support to Calvary members attending Lutheran colleges, boosted our December Mission of the Month monies in support of the NALC seminary to $5,000.00 per year, provided the congregation with new assisting minister and acolyte robes, supported the Mark Schultz concert, provided funding for this past December’s Live Nativity program, and other similar projects. There are many ways to support the ministry of Calvary Church, and so members who are not “sold” on the concept of an Endowment should not feel pressured to give to this fund. However, anyone who would like to know more about it, please touch base with Ernie Kretschmann, Audrey McGarvie, Dave Schuelke, John Foley, Ron Foster, Pr. Ted Youngquist, or Erik Zipp. If you would like to know more about our seminary, please point your web browser to: http://thenals.org/.

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