July 9, 2015

We are very well-served by our musician, Gene Traas. I continue to be delighted by all of the complimentary things that our members say about him. One of the things which many of our members have noticed is that he offers ambitious and very salutary selections for his postludes. Consequently many worshipers remain in the worship space to hear him conclude his offerings. In fact, it has been pondered whether the postlude should precede the dismissal at the conclusion of our worship services. Our Worship and Music committee has discussed this, and concluded that because our members have become so accustomed to exiting during the postlude that asking them to be seated following the recessional hymn could prove difficult. However, we do want to encourage worshipers to feel comfortable in remaining in their pew for as long as they like following the service to pray and reflect on the postludal offerings. We really are fortunate to have Gene, and I cherish the respect that our members give to music as a vehicle for enriching our relationship with God.
God has also blessed us with a beautiful church building and excellent facilities. We are grateful for everyone who invests their time, talents, and treasure to our stewardship of this wonderful physical plant. In order to provide the best possible security of our building, I am requesting that all of our key-holders assume full responsibility for doors that they unlock. Frequently when members arrive for meetings they need to unlock a door or two. Sometimes they need to leave prior to the exiting of all other members. Since there are other key-holders present they assume that someone will lock the door when they leave. Unfortunately this does not always happen. Therefore we are requesting that when someone unlocks a door that they either make sure that they lock the door before they leave, or arrange with another key-holder who will assume this responsibility. We are very grateful for the service of all our members and appreciate your cooperation in this important matter.

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