July 29, 2015

Thank you for everything! Your expressions of kindness and Godspeed have meant a great deal to me. Our time together in worship on Sunday and during the fellowship time afterward were wonderful moments of the true unity of the Church. Dawn and I are humbled by the generosity of so many of you who contributed to our farewell gift, as well as for the beautiful cards and presents that you gave to us. You have been very thoughtful and generous to us over the years, and we have been very grateful to you. While our time together has been relatively brief, the brevity of our life together has not made our parting any easier for me, and perhaps for you. Whenever a relationship ends or changes, we grieve just as we so frequently do in the wake of a death. I will be a better pastor because of the things that I have learned among you and the opportunities for growth that you provided to me. Mindful of what I have gained from our time together, I am hopeful that this time will be followed for you by much joy in the calling of your next pastor and the new chapter that will begin to unfold for you. Since Christ Jesus is ever the head of the Church, and this will not change, you may be confident that even a time of vacancy will be used for the Father’s own purposes for you. You will be in my prayers, as you occupy a special place in my heart.

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