Who's Who

Leadership at Calvary is made up of lay volunteers, professional office staff, trained program personnel, and ordained pastoral staff.

Lay volunteers are the heart of the church and are vital to Calvary’s mission and ministries.  The Congregation Council, Board of Deacons, and Ministry Team Leaders consist primarily of lay leaders.

The Congregation Council functions to oversee the life and activities of Calvary and to assure that these reflect the purpose and faith of our church.  The council oversees the five areas of ministry within our church as well as others in ministry support.

As the spiritual leaders of our church, Deacons serve our congregation in a number of ways.  Specifically the Deacons assist with communion & baptism, train & assist acolytes, participate in Mission Servant Week, meet with new members and facilitate their transition to Calvary, assist the House of Hope, maintain regular contact with members, etc.

Calvary Staff

Pastor Dennis Roser, Senior Pastor
Pastor Jack Trethewey, Pastor-in-Residence
Pastor Ted Younquist, Pastor-in-Residence
Angie Schatz, Director of Youth & Family Ministry
Mary Anna Salo, Accompanist & Choir Director
Kim Steiner, Director of Church Communications
Holly Novotny, Office Manager
Kris Molitor, Financial Secretary
Anna Baumgartner, Youth Hospitality Coordinator
Emmaly Roser, Youth Hospitality Coordinator
Erica Zipp, Nursery Coordinator
Dan DuPree, Custodian



Congregation Council

Executive Board: Nancy Marsho, President; Sue Vollmar, V. P.; Nick Huettl, Secretary; Gordy Gunnlaugsson, Treasurer.
Members: Carolyn Trotier, Brad Meyer, Kevin Wahlgren, John Warber, Terry Bzdusek, Mark Trudell, Rich Baumgartner.

 You may also contact Congregation Council members via the general email: council@calvarylc.com


Board of Deacons [Alpha Assignment]

Ron Foster [C♦D♦E]; Grace Gunnlaugsson [A♦B]; Ruby Hauch [F♦G]; Ernie Kretschmann [H♦I♦J]; Karen Pierce [K]; Keith Pierce [L♦N♦O]; Donna Schroeder [M♦P♦Q]; Mary Smith [Sa-Sh]; Terry Trotier [Si-Sz]; Lydia Trudell [R]; Lee Tyne [V♦W♦X♦Y♦Z]; *Erik Zipp [T♦U]

*Deacon Chairperson

You may also contact any deacon via the general deacon email: deacons@calvarylc.com


Ministry Teams 

Click on the ministry area to find out more information about the specific teams within each area and the contact person for each team.  

Evangelism Ministry, Worship Ministry, Fellowship Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, Servant Ministry, Ministry Support


Evangelism Ministry 

“The church exists to communicate God’s word.  Evangelism is more than our responsibility; it is our great privilege.  We are invited to be part of bringing people into God’s eternal family, to share the Good News wherever we go.”

Deacons (Erik Zipp)
Publicity (Tom Theide)
Greeters (Grace Gunnlaugsson)
Hospitality/Mug-a-Newcomer (Mary Ellen Thiede)
The Crossroads Newsletter (Kim Steiner)

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Worship Ministry   

“The church exists to worship God. We are commanded throughout Scripture to celebrate God’s presence by magnifying the Lord and exalting His name.”

Music Ministry (Mary Anna Salo)
Lectors (Sallie Schulz)
Acolytes (Sheila Kershek)
Ushers (Mary Smith)
Altar Guild (Norene Giuliani, RoJean Holler)
Wedding Coordinators (Jan Lukasik)
Baptism Ministry (Megan Sayas)
Assisting Ministers (Holly Novotny)

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Fellowship Ministry  

“The church exists to provide fellowship for believers. As Christians we are called to belong, not just to believe. We are to belong to Christ’s family and to be members of his body.”

Church Life (Sue Rowe)
Esther Circle (Donna Ziegler)
Naomi Circle (Marilyn Hermann)
Ruth Circle (Norene Giuliani, Barb Runnoe)
Women’s Bible Study Group (Cathy Wahlgren)
Women’s Book Group (Grace Gunnlaugsson)
MOM's [Ministry of Mothers] (Megan Sayas)
Prayer Chain (Grace Gunnlaugsson)
Men’s Ministry (Scott Langelin)
Men’s Support Group (Pastor Roser)
Men’s Breakfast (Ron Foster)
FIRM [Families In Real Ministry] (Angie Schatz)
Small Group Ministry (Pastor Roser)

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Discipleship Ministry  (council liaisons: Nick Huettl, Brad Meyer)

“The church exists to educate God’s people, teaching them to obey. Discipleship is the process of helping people become more like Christ in their thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is the church’s calling to nurture people to spiritual maturity.”

New Members (Pastor Roser)
Education Leadership Teams (Pastor Roser)
   Sunday School
   Adult Education
Youth Leadership Teams (Angie Schatz)
   The Bridge 
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Servant Ministry 

“The church exists to serve people.  Servant Ministry is demonstrating God’s love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus.”

Mission & Outreach
Mission/Servant Week
Serenity Inn (Judy Kestly, Barb Snyder)
Mission of the Month
Visitation Ministry (Judy DeBruine)
S.T.A.R. (Grace Gunnlaugsson
St. Vincent de Paul Meal Program (Marge Tyne, Nancy Marsho)
Quilters & Knitters (Ruby Hauch)

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Ministry Support 

The entire ministry of Calvary is supported by a host of servants that concentrate on enabling and encouraging these ministries to take place.

Office Volunteers (Holly Novotny)
Financials (Kris Molitor)
Communications (Kim Steiner)
Congregation Council (Nancy Marsho)
Personnel (Kim Leonard)
Budget & Finance (Gordy Gunnlaugsson)
Mission Endowment (Ernie Kretschmann)
Nursery (Erica Zipp)

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