Construction of Calvary

In December 1956, the Evangelical Lutheran Church purchased three acres of property at the corner of Calhoun Road and Gebhardt for the purpose of establishing a new congregation to serve the Brookfield area.  Brookfield itself was in its infancy, having been established as a city in 1954.  It was still an area of farms and orchards, but would soon be one of Milwaukee’s fastest growing suburbs.

During the period prior to the first stage of construction (the present Choir Room and High School Youth Room at the far south end), members met for worship and Bible study in each other’s homes.  The first structure was dedicated on September 22, 1957.  At that time, the congregation consisted of 34 families and 120 persons.

The congregation grew as Brookfield grew, with the classroom addition being completed in 1964, and the sanctuary in 1968.   In 1972, and then again in 1979, Calvary hosted mission pastors from Tanzania.  Continuing its outreach perspective, Calvary provided refuge to Heng Cheng, former President of Cambodia, and his extended family in 1976.

Further expansion of the Calvary properties occurred in 1991 with the purchase of property adjoining the northeast corner of the church property.  This was developed into much needed parking space for the growing Calvary family.  In 1993, the house just east of the church on Gebhardt Road was also purchased.

Calvary’s vibrant congregation continued to increase in numbers and needs and on November 3, 1996, Calvary broke ground for a building addition and renovation.  The project included a new Fellowship Hall, kitchen, enlarged narthex, new sanctuary lighting, removal of balcony and relocating choir practice room.

In 2001, an aggressive strategic planning process resulted in a move to a ministry team concept highlighting evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and servant ministries.  A small group ministry was established in 2003 with the 40 Days of Purpose.

Calvary sponsored the resettlement of a Somalian refuge family (the Yare family) beginning in 2004. The family of Calvary responded to the call for help with gifts of time, talent & treasure.  The assistance and support continues as the Yare family adapts, grows and learns in their new country.

In 2007, Calvary celebrated its 50th anniversary and launched its “Proclaiming Christ into the Future” emphasis.  In both 2007 and 2008 Calvary sent a group of missionaries to Guatemala to help in the building of a church as well as other medical, physical & spiritual outreach activities.  In 2008 Calvary also purchased an additional piece of adjoining property for future expansion of its facilities.

Calvary has been proud to train numerous pastoral interns over the years and to have had three pastors come from our midst: Pastor Tom Kent, Pastor Kelli Timmer, and Pastor Nathan Liedtke.

Due to differences in focus and the desire to remain Christ-centered, Calvary Lutheran Church voted to disassociate themselves from the ELCA church and join the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) on May 15, 2011.  On June 6, 2011, Calvary was formally accepted into the NALC.  The NALC was formed in August of 2010 as a Lutheran church body that is Christ centered, mission driven, traditionally grounded, and congregationally focused.  Calvary is delighted to be considered a charter congregation within this fast-growing church body.

In June of 2012, Calvary called Pastor Dennis Roser to be Calvary's senior pastor.  Pastor Roser and his wife, Dawn, along with daughters Emmaly, Kitty, and Sidney arrived at Calvary on July 17.  Pastor Roser was officially installed as Senior Pastor on August 12, 2012. 

The family of Calvary looks to the future with confidence that God will continue to bless our ministry to the community and beyond.  We are truly eager to boldly proclaim the life-changing love of Jesus Christ!